Candleworks was first established on July 1st of 2006 under the name "Candlebakery". At first, Candlebakery sold pie shaped candles, and thus had a meaning of "baking candles". Just graduated from university, the founder of Candlebakery began introducing handmade candles which no other companies had similar designs in Korea. Despite no business experience, let alone managing an online shopping mall, she had the desire to share her candles, which she enjoyed making during her younger years. This was how Candlebakery was born.

In the beginning, it was difficult to reach out to people as Candlebakery didn't have much experience in marketing and sourcing. And one day, a broadcasting program reached out to Candlebakery to share its knowledge, which spurted the number of orders exponentially and many sleepless nights have been had. But joyful. After that, Candlebakery was gradually known through more appearing on TV, magazines, and company newsletters.


Candleworks is a one-stop store for all of your DIY Candle-making & DIY Home Fragrance-making needs. By directly importing from overseas, you can find various top quality fragrance/essential oils and materials/supplies. Through researching and developing top quality products, we prioritize in aiding you to experience the inspiration in creating of DIY Home fragrance products. We are pleased to introduce you to the world of fragrance and to become a trusting partner as well. Break from the life of consumption and begin the life of creation. We are most genuine when we create. - CEO Evans Kim

With steady growth for past 9 years, Candleworks headquarter was newly built in Bucheon, Kyungki-do. Began with 2 employees at first, and now over 35 employees support Candleworks. We can proudly say that our source of inspiration lies not on the sales revenue, but on the value of sharing inspiration of creating DIY Home fragrance. As the pioneer of DIY Home fragrance market from the beginning, Candleworks will try its best to continuously sharing and providing the best services, products and knowledge to maintain a trustworthy company.


Candleworks USA LLC
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124 Saneup-ro., Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea 14402

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