Natural Essential Oil
Natural essential oils are refined oils extracted from plants.
Depending on the types of plants, leafs, rootss, flowers, stems, and fuit skins are distilled or compresedto extract essential oils.
Such extracted natural essential oils are well known for being aromatherapeutic; characteristics vary extensively depending on types of oil, therefore, use by experts who are well aware of the oil's properties and applications is recommended.
Natural essential oils are 100% undiluted extracts that are not artificially blended, unlike fragrance oils.
Some unblended singular essential oils may not be suitable for candles. (Top notes with low flash points / Base notes with high viscosity level.)
Use of fragrance oils are recommended for those who are new to making their own candles.
Natural essential oils are categorized by Top/Middle/Base notes for those who are interested in blending natural oils.
Try creating special scents based on your preference on accords and sustenance.