Gold Text Transfer

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Gold Text Transfer

Size> 1 Standard : Width 3~4cm, Length 3~4cm
Material> Paper Sticker
Recommended Use> Very cute gold text stickers for decoraing container glasses, wax tablets, or small pillar candles.
         Since the left and right are reversed, please pay attention to the transfer sequence. (It looks like the picture when you attach it properly.)

        It can be easily adhered to both wax and glasses.

        Because gold surface is not permanent durability, please be careful that it may be peeled if it is scratched with nail or lot of friction.



How to Use

1. Cut the text cleanly with a knife or scissors with a square margin. 
2. After removing the vinyl coated paper, place the gold text part upside down on the wax tablet. (The tablet should be a perfectly flat surface!)
3. Spray water gently with a sprayer on the other thick paper.

(Water should not be too much or too less. If the water is too much, the transfer paper may be torn or the gold leaf may peel off during the water discharge.) 
4. Rub it softly so that it sticks well.

5. With the text in close contact, slide the thick paper down and slide it out softly. (Please be careful that If you remove it harshly by hand, it may be torn off.)

Failure Case:  a case that the paper is pressed against the wax tablet <- Too much water.


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