EKKO Botanical 30

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Ekko Botanical 30

Size> Width Length 2.7cm, Height 11.5cm
Material> Glass, Metal
Characteristics> Empty bottle for making perfume. It is not a high quality product, but it can be used firmly and safely.
         In the manufacturing process, the glass bottom thickness may be uneven or there may be air bubbles. Please rinse with perfume base before use.
         Water or third-party products may cause the perfume to become foggy if they are not completely dried.

This product definitely needs CW Spray Tool in order to fit the sprayer into the bottle. (Sold Separately) 
Please note that it is not screw type sprayer. The assembly method is shown at the bottom of this product page.


Easy Carry, Easy Present

We introduce cutieful 30ml Ekko Perfume Glass. It is possible to spray with a more stable grip than the size too small bottles, it has neat design. 
*The glass bottom may be tilted to one side. There is no inconvenience in using the product and we recommend it to those who want to use it for DIY or gift rather than for those who want to sell premium products.

Choosing from 4 Colors of a Cap

4 colors of overcaps to express different concepts and personalities. Please choose one from Black(Shiny), Brown(Matte), Light Gold(Matte), or Silver(Shiny) 

Durable Spray: No loose spray, once closed.

Most brand perfume bottles have unoppenable sprays.
This is to 
maintain its maximum quality, and prevent any possible perfume contamination from opening.
Any alterations of perfume directly translates to the brand image.

These newly introduced bottles are highly efficient for those who have such worry.

Specially designed, Candleworks's CW Spray does not require a machine to close, but stays closed and cannot be reopened.
To easily close the spray without a machine, you can use CW Spray ToolOne purchase, you can use it continuously.

1. Cut the nozzle to fit the perfume bottle.
2. Hold the spray on the mouth of the bottle and fit CW Spray Tool to press perpendicularly. 
Spray perfectly fits the bottle.

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